Virtual International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing.

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We codially invite you to join the virtual International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing on 24-25 January.
In addition to the Dispersion Letters it is the (virtual) place to get in touch with the experts from industry, universities and research institutions and to learn more about strategies to develop new products, improve existing formulations, understand the processing of materials and characterize particle and droplet properties, suspensions, emulsions, coatings, composites.

The abstracts from all five candidates for the LUM Young Scientist Award 2022 have been uploaded, the nominees are invited to discuss their achievements with you during the virtual event. The topics encompass a wide range of applications and strategies to successfully use the appropriate measuring LUM instrument as part on the entire analytical view on the subject.

Speakers from recognized industrial companies and research institutions/universities contribute to the success of the upcoming event. First abstracts are uploaded and will be continuously extended.

Please find all abstracts here >>

We are looking forward to meeting you during the virtual conference, which therefore can be easily attended from the office, home office, peak of a high mountain or sunny beach, whereever you might be. The detailed time schedule for 24-25 January 2022 will be announced in the beginning of January.

Please find the registration and more information here >>

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